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The Nipson Technology VaryPRESS is designed as a unique combination of high productivity and flexibility. Being a tight-web system, it has the unique capability to integrate seamlessly with high speed flexo and offset printing presses as well as with a wide range of pre- and post-processing and finishing equipment.Featuring Nipson Technology’s proprietary magnetography, cool xenon flash fusing, and variable speed control, it is ideally suited for high-quality, high-speed production-volume black & white variable data printing.



The VaryPRESS is flexible in many ways, satisfying a broad range of workflow requirements

Our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process fuses the toner without heating the substrate. The operator-controlled variable speed feature allows you to dynamically adjust the speed to ensure optimum print quality and productivity regardless of substrate type or finishing process.

Furthermore, the Nipson Technology magnetic toner used in the VaryPRESS printers allows you to combine standard and MICR applications without the need for any additional costs or changes to the printers.

As a result, the VaryPRESS can be used to print a wide range of applications with a wide range of substrates from very lightweight paper (40 gsm) to heavy card stocks (240 gsm) as well as labels, foils, carbonless stocks, coated materials and plastic affixed cards. Substrate weights outside this range are possible subject to evaluation.


Print Quality

The VaryPRESS is a tight-web system, providing exceptional registration accuracy. Incorporating Nipson Technology’s proven 600 dpi dry toner magnetographic imaging technology, it offers you an outstanding level of print quality and a consistent output at all times.

What’s more, our cool xenon flash fusing keeps the substrate stress free, ensuring no change in substrate dimensions occurs during processing retaining the humidity within for the best possible post processing. And abrasion resistant fusing, even on preprinted surfaces, completes the outstanding quality level for your printouts.



The Nipson Technology VaryPRESS is built to deliver maximum uptime for continuous production in the most demanding print production environments.

All VaryPRESS models have a maximum web width of 20.5 inches and a maximum printable width of 18.45 inches. The VaryPRESS achieves an impressive production speed of up to 150 meters (492 ft) per minute, producing more than 1 000 A4 pages per minute two-up simplex and over 2 000 A4 pages per minute two-up in duplex mode.

And there is more: all VaryPRESS models have Nipson Technology’s unique variable speed feature that automatically or manually adjusts the printing speed to synchronize with the data flow rate and the finishing equipment. This eliminates unnecessary starts, enables printing to start from 30 m/min and reduces waste associated with startup procedures. The result: truly cost-effective continuous production!


Technical Data

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