Tau 330

Durst Tau 330 is a digital UV inkjet print system with a print speed of 48 meters per minute. The Tau 330 is available in 2 different print widths.

  • Tau 330 with a maximum print width of 330 mm
  • Tau 330/200 with a maximum print width of 200 mm

The Tau 330 combines reliability with productive efficiency, to produce short and medium runs highly economically. In comparison to conventional printing systems, even short runs with the Tau 330 are highly profitable print jobs. With its variable drop size and Greyscale Technology, the Tau 330 achieves a visible image resolution of 1000 dpi. Even the smallest text is depicted highly defined. The color gradient is consistent and homogeneous.

The patented Durst Single Pass UV Inkjet Technology enables a configuration with up to 7 UV inks: CMYK, Orange, Violet and White. The availability of an extremely opaque white ink allows a wide range of applications for  either transparent or colored substrates.


For printing on extra thin material and unsupported foils, the Tau 330 can now be equipped with a built-in chill roller, in order to cool and maintain constant temperature while curing these sensitive materials.

To extend its modularity even further, the Tau 330 can be equipped with external unwinder and rewinder units for printing big rolls and volumes as well as other finishing systems, to integrate the Tau 330 in any existing production line. The specially designed connection box collects all related signals and synchronizes them with external devices.


Range of Applications

Small and medium runs of industrial- and security type labels, durable electronics and automotive labels, labels for paint, beverages, body care- and household articles, as well as labels for chemicals, DIY and many others.

  • Printing on aluminum foils for blister packaging and other packaging applications.
  • Late stage versioning of pre-printed label jobs.
  • Printing on die-cut labels (blank labels).
  • Print jobs with varying data, such as sequential numbering, texts, images, bar codes, matrix- and QR codes.


The new Tau 330 High Definition Print Mode

The Durst Tau 330 now comes with a new print mode, with a very high print resolution of 720 x 1260 dpi. It achieves a very good and pin sharp reproduction of texts, finest details of graphical elements, clear gradients and soft skin tones.

Download: Whitepaper

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Flexible configuration

Customers are able to configure the Tau 330 for a single production usage, an industrial usage, as a stand-alone solution, as an entirely automated production unit with an integrated digital finishing line or integrated into a full production line with a series of inline conventional finishing options.

Download: Tau 330-Solution-EN