Laser Art Decoration:

designers have a new digital finishing tool with a great deal of potentialities at their disposal. A laser system thanks to its capability to create micro-die cutting enables to break the known design limits. Besides the traditional finishing effects on paper,  laser plays the leading role thanks to its great power of expression. Micro-piercing, micro-die cutting, photographic micro piercing are only a few of the effects that can be made by exploiting of the laser systems that paperone is equipped with.


Digital Laser Die Cutting:

forget the hard work to get the traditional die cut ready, forget the costs for the traditional die cut, forget the room the traditional die cut takes in your warehouse, forget the wait for the traditional die cut from your supplier and in the end forget how much material you can waste both when you set up and for the disposal of the traditional die cut  when it is not used.


Full Digital Workflow Integration:

paperone makes your die cut digital and virtual, it perfectly fits in with your workflow cloud, no waiting time, no supply costs and transport costs: it is a completely different way to die cut your paper work.

paperone is a platform designed for the digital world, it is an auto-setting system that makes impossible for the operator to make mistakes.

paperone communicates and interacts with your workflow, it receives information on the work to carry out and it updates the work status and it feedbacks. The world of printing is only now full digital:  it is not enough to have a digital press to enter the digital business model, the full workflow must be digital from the PDF to the shipment.


The Right Solution:

paperone is the ultimate, definitive, upgradable platform to move the Graphic Art Market into the digital.


Technical Data:

■ Overall dimensions: 7000 (W) – 1800 (L) – 2000 (H)

■ Mechanical and optical registers

■ Full laser customization, single or double scanning head from 135 Watt up to 1000 Watt  laser sources

■ Servomotors transportation up to 2500 sheets/h

■ Proprietary double stacking system

■ Full size automatic feeder

■ Sheet size input: min. 297×210 mm – max. 750×530 mm

■ Sheet thickness: min. 150 µm – max. 600 µm

■  Sheet format: Portrait

■  Pile height: max. 800 mm

■  Input system: single platform for pallet 800x600x115mm or wooden table




Download PDF:  paperOne.pdf