In recent years, packaging has played a strategic role as an element of the product recognition and of product differentiation among the competitors and assisted in the role of communication and marketing strategy.
Food & Beverage and convenience goods producers design effective packaging for the target market taking into account the modern consumer’s identity and his needs.

In today’s market converters are looking to develop innovative solutions: easy- opening and closing as well as easy-breath and ventilation.
SEI Flexible Packaging is a new line of laser systems which have been designed for laser cutting, laser scoring, macro and micro-perforation of single or multi-layer flexible film for different materials such as PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE: these systems (both in line and standalone) have been developed by SEI R&D department and the results are now being made available to the professional   converter.


Laser cutting, laser scoring, macro and micro laser perforation on flexible film both Cross Web (CW) and Web Direction (WD) produce the best results in:

Quality: the main laser features are the precise selective material removal, the laser perforating capability (hole size from 100 micron) and repeatability of the process. All these features meet the process application needs;

Productivity: up to 200 m/min can be reached in Cross Web (CW) laser cutting, laser scoring and micro-perforation with proprietary beam steering optics galvanometric heads (according to the die-cutting pattern). Over 400 m/min can be reached in Web Direction (WD) laser cutting, laser scoring and micro-perforation with fixed-optics heads;

Flexibility: the all-digital process allows a rapid work change and a significant time and cost reduction (which is not possible in case of “analogical” mechanical die-boards).