• Labelmaster is the state of the art system for processing roll materials in the packaging and labeling fields. It is the right modular solution both for digital and traditional finishing. Labelmaster can be customized upon purchase or afterwards with a series of optional upgrades that can be retrofitted.
  • ƒFinishing line options: laser die-cutting/coding/microperforation, semi rotary die-cutting, full rotary flexo varnishing, semi rotary flexo varnishing/printing, semi rotary Hot Stamping, overlamination, self-wond/liner lamination, Label Shifter, detecting table, sheeting, slitting.
  • ƒProcessable materials: PAPER, GLOSS PAPER, PET, PP, BOPP.
  • ƒLabelmaster is a Class 1 product IEC EN 60825/1 norm compliant.
  • ƒIs the first and the only laser die-cutting system available from 1 to 4 laser heads for labeling.




Download PDF: Labelmaster.pdf