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The Nipson Technology PrintServer was developed with productivity and performance in mind, combining extensive pre-press functionality with impressive variable data printing processing capabilities.
It is as powerful as it is user-friendly, providing the ideal solution for a wide array of applications and market segments, including transactional printing, direct mail, identification and security printing and print on demand. 

File Conversion

The Nipson Technology PrintServer includes a RIP-ing function and page description language (PDL) interpretation and conversion routine to ensure compatibility with all common input files and to easily include variable data.

PostScript, PDF, TIF and EPS files are processed with a RIP-once/print many routine for maximum efficiency. ACIF and AFP files are converted to an IPDS data stream, which can then be spooled to any IPDS-capable press controlled by the PrintServer.

The Nipson Technology PrintServer works with off-the-shelf imposition tools that handle even the most sophisticated layouts with ease. Special image tuning tools ensure top-quality output that will satisfy even your most demanding customers.


Print Management

The Nipson Technology PrintServer further includes a spooler to store RIP-ed jobs until they are printed, as well as a print management or queuing system.

RIP-while-printing allows you to already start printing a job while part of it is still being RIP-ed, or start preparing and processing a new job while the previous one is still being printed, which significantly minimizes the downtime of your presses.

The PrintServer can spool jobs to Nipson Technology presses as well as other equipment. By carefully monitoring the print resources available, the PrintServer can divide one or more jobs over several resources if necessary. This intelligent load balancing makes optimal use of the available resources, allowing you to optimize throughput and efficiency in virtually any print facility configuration.


Technical Data

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