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Founded in 1992, Nipson develops, produces, and markets state-of-the-art high-speed digital printing systems and related consumables for black & white continuous variable data printing. Drawing on an extensive network of partners, Nipson Technology also provides integrated end-to-end solutions.


Nipson Technology’s proven technology

Underlying the success of Nipson Technology’s solutions is the combination of its proprietary dry toner magnetography and cool xenon flash fusing. The first press using magnetography was commercialized in 1985.
Building on the solid foundations of our proven technology, our systems have been continuously developed, redesigned, and improved upon to provide you with an unmatched mix of quality, productivity, and total application flexibility at an impressively low total cost per page.
When you choose Nipson technology, you are reaping the benefits of decades of innovation and development. Our DIGIFlex and VaryPress ranges both come with all the features that have become Nipson Technology’s trademark.

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Nipson Printers:

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Nipson Technology – Stacker ST20

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