Shaping the future of super-size printing

Whether you’re looking to create profitable new revenue streams for your current print business, expand your 3D printing firm’s competitiveness or digitalize your fabrication process, Massivit adds profitable new dimensions to your business. Start offering an unlimited range of creative 3D displays for advertising, retail and entertainment application. Every step of the way, from installation, training and operation – we support you in your adoption of super-size, 3D printing.

Let’s make it big together.

Our values:
•INNOVATION. We continually develop innovative 3D printing products, and use cases that grow our customers’ businesses in exciting new ways.
•PASSION. Super-size 3D displays are rocking the world of advertising, entertainment and retail. We’re passionate about making this an everyday reality for our customers.
•SIMPLICITY. Giant 3D printing should be neither cumbersome, complex or hard to implement. That is why we’re making the move to digital, 3D large-format printing simple through an intuitive UI/UX experience, simple operation and no hassle handling.
•PARTNERSHIP. Supporting our customers’ ambition to make 3D printing a profitable dimension of their business is key. Through fast-turnaround solutions, intuitive technology, training & support and industry leading expertise – we support customer success every step of the way.


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