BILESIM      A.S. was     founded in March1998 by the participation of two biggest public banks in Turkey. From the beginning  of  its  establishment  BILESIM A.S. has been giving services to its custom-ers (two public banks and their subsidiar-ies) in the field of ATM & POS operations, call center services, credit and debit card production and mailing, card interchange services, security in payment systems, printing and mailing of registered and re-ply paid letter, open and enveloped letters and account statements of card holders.


BILESIM A.S. has printed millions of pages of statements in B/W and served its cus- tomers with two NIPSON 7000 toner based printer in their operation over 10 years with maximum efficiency. Their increasing volumes and diversity of jobs to be printed has brought BILESIM to the point of new additional investment to their existing ma- chinery park.

Beyond the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Man- agement System and having certified, BILESIM always aims to  highest  quality at highest speed, highest operational ef- ficiency, and sustainable improvement in business processes, services and products by following  new technical  innovations.

The new generation NIPSON DIGIFlex hav- ing magnetographic toner based and cold flash fusing technology, proposed by LINO SISTEM, was preferred in the tender an- nounced by BILESIM A.S. in line with above targets.

Nipson Digiflex, being web-fed is fast, printing at up to 104 meters (342 ft) per minute. With  a  maximum web  width  of

520 mm (20.5 inches) and a maximum printable width of 468,5 mm (18.45 inch- es), which translates to 700 A4 pages per minute two-up, making the Nipson toner based printing systems the fastest in the market today.

The DIGIFlex comes with Nipson’s unique variable speed feature, automatically ad- justing the printing speed to synchronize with the data flow rate and the finishing equipment. This helps to avoid unneces- sary starts and stops, reducing waste, en- suring truly cost-effective continuous pro- duction.

Cool xenon flash fusing keeps the sub- strate stress free with no change in dimen- sions and retention of the humidity within for best possible post processing. Abrasion resistant fusing even on pre-printed sur- faces completes the outstanding quality level of our printouts.

With its rugged design, using quality parts throughout, it is built to last. The result:

maximum uptime for 24/7 operation and reliable and consistent performance in any production environment!













Uptime of the systems in transactional printing area in which large volume pro- duction under extremely tight time con- straints needed is one of the essential requirements. Its technical service and ability of responding to the production en- vironment requirements in order to keep the customer at a consistent performance level, LINO SISTEM’s professional percep- tion in the market and its references gave the customer confidence of working with a partner. By winning BILESIM A.S.’s high volume B/W printing system tender, LINO SISTEM has added another success story into its existing references.

LINO SISTEM is a member of LINO GROUP and the idea behind its establishment was to carry LINO GROUP’s regional experience in South East Europe into Turkey. Since 2003, we have been delivering fully inte- grated solutions into our customers’ busi- ness processes in terms of printing and mail room needs. Banks, Telecom & GSM Operators, Post Offices, Service Bureaus and Public Institutions are our main cus- tomer with high volumes at 7/24 produc- tion.