Sistemas Inelme is a company with twenty years of experience providing technological solutions to professionals in flexography and gravure.

In 1996 Inelme develops its first SICCT ink control thanks to the previous experience of years of work in the flexographic sector. SICCT brought a new concept to the control of the tone of the inks, adding the variable of temperature to the classical theory of the viscosity-color relationship.

After the control of concentration of inks would come new equipment of serial production fruit of the engineering applied to the search of solutions for the printer: the system of automatic washing of flexographic printers, dispensers of inks, mixers of two-component tails, washing equipment of Anilox, doctor blade cameras, etc.

Today, Sistemas Inelme is a company present in more than forty countries throughout the world and with hundreds of equipment that make life easier for printers.


Laser anilox wash

Anilox washing systems using laser technology for rolls up to 2.5 meters wide in standard or higher equipment in special configurations.

Ink control systems

The most complete solution for the control of printing inks. It manages the concentration of pigments (viscosity), temperature, solvent consumed, mixes different solvents, controls pH, filters and agitates.

Automatic washing system

Automatic washing for flexographic printers of 6, 8 and 10 colors configuration in modular tower of easy maintenance.

Squeegee cameras

Squeegee cameras adaptable to any printer or with a pneumatic advance system designed to update printers with rubber rollers.