Through more than four decades in the graphic industry, GM has gained a solid experience in finishing.

GM is first in the market to show new innovative solutions like inline finishing, laser die-cutting and semi-rotary die- cutting,flexo varnish as well as spot varnish ultra-compact finishing,carton finishing and finishing for new markets like flexible printed solar-cells. 43 years ago, GM’s humble beginnings were based on traditional blueprints – today our entire range of machines is designed in full 3D using Solid Works CAD software. To achieve maximum performance, we simulate complex processes such as high-precision hot stamping using the latest in computer software,as well as screen printing,lamination,slitting rewinding. This combination of experience and innovative technology makes GM your unique innovative partner in the world of finishing.Grafisk Maskinfabrik produces and delivers a vast array of machines including complete automated converting lines, hot foil stamping, screen printing, die cutters, laser die cutters, slitter-rewinders, roll lifters, sheeters and core cutters.


Automatic slitting stations

The automatic slitting station automatically positions the slitting blades, saving hours of make-ready times each week on short run jobs.

Cardboard die cutters & finishing

Heavy duty finisher for board, post cards and pocket folders

Coaters / Flexibles / IML / EBEAM

Add surface protection or primers to materials

Core Cutters

Automated or manual core cutters for onsite core manufactoring. Offers saving and on demand readiness for digital label

Die Cutters & Finishing

Highly automated converting lines for labels

Hot Foil Flatbed

Hot stamping and embossing adds the final touch to labels. Gold or silver effects combined with embossing

Inspection Rewinders

Custom build machines for narrow web small roll rewinding

Laminators / Multi Layer

Superior protection against scratches and water. Self-adhesive laminators with optional slitting

Laser Die Cutter

Tool free laser die cutting of labels and other materials

R2R Solar coaters

Coating machines for OPV and OLED printing. Research machines.

Roll Handling

Roll turners and lifting units in various sizes and configurations for easy and efficient handling of rolls

Screen Printers

Add raised varnish or fine signatur print to your labels


Roll to sheet guillotine cutter. Runs a wide range of materials and delivers on a conveyer.

Slitter Rewinders

Rewind, slitting, counting and inspection of labels

Turn Bars

Ideal for flexo printers that want to print on both sides of the web

Turret Rewind

Increased production output by minimizing change over time between jobs

Unwinders & Rewinders

Add big unwind and rewind units to existing or new equipment and make your long production more efficient

Waste Removal

Efficiently reduce the size of waste material to approx. 5-10% of the original volume with the use of a shredder. Available as inline configuration

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