Personalized Communication


GMC Inspire Overview

  • GMC Inspire is the strategic decision for enterprises that want to bring the concept of continuous engagement to reality.
  • GMC Inspire enables businesses to engage customers across both digital and paper channels.
  • Empowering business users to communicate in context.
  • GMC Inspire brings immediate value with an ROI in less than 9 months.


Experience the Difference

The effective enterprise communication platform

GMC Inspire is an enterprise communication platform enabling your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized messages, at the right time through the preferred channel. This intelligent use of communications has enabled GMC clients to build loyalty that lasts, while driving down costs and reaching new markets and customers.


Customer Insight

Exceptional data management capabilities enable your business to intelligently bring together data silos across your business providing a single view of every customer. GMC Inspire unlocks the true value of your customer data enabling your business to understand the exact buying motivators for every customer.

Works with any data source
GMC Inspire manages data from almost any data source including CRM, ERP, SAP, ECM, web-based XML, and even real-time data. With the capability to combine information easily across data silos, your business can effortlessly produce thousands of personalized, relevant communications every day.

Social media integration

GMC Inspire enables you to profit from the valuable insight that customers provide through social media sites, blogs, videos and more. Using customer lifestyles, likes and dislikes you can develop impactful communications that get opened, read and responded to.

Customer preference management

Through intelligent surveys that are dynamically adapted to each individual, businesses can effectively capture preferences for every customer. GMC Inspire manages these individual preferences directly in every communication, giving your business increased response rates and an unrivaled competitive advantage.

Customer analytics and segmentation

GMC Inspire analytics enable businesses to visualize all customer profiles and clusters at a glance. Combining demographics, transaction history and customer preferences, your business can accurately segment the customer base for closer targeted multichannel campaigns.


Customer Communication

GMC Inspire provides a business user-friendly platform for variable data composition and content management of enterprise-wide customer communications.

Variable data communications

GMC Inspire’s document composition and variable data publishing capabilities are purpose built to empower business users to create effective communications. Its object-oriented architecture removes the need for traditional scripting, making it intuitive and simple for anyone to use. With a wide array of design features and functions continually being added and refined, GMC Inspire ensures that your customer communications utilize the latest techniques for exceptional results.

Content management system

GMC Inspire handles your communications with the highest precision and control, ensuring consistent messages, accurate data and brand management. The inbuilt content management capabilities enable your business to monitor and control every process of the communication lifecycle, ensuring adherence to corporate and compliance guidelines.

Structured (batch), interactive, on-demand communications

The GMC Inspire platform is designed to manage customer communications in diverse production environments enabling businesses to power structured, interactive and on-demand communications. GMC Inspire provides your business with a single platform to manage enterprise-wide communications.

Document migration

Legacy applications play important roles in enterprises and upgrading and replacing them is often very cost-intensive. Once legacy applications are in the GMC Inspire design environment, they can be revitalized with color, variable elements, dynamic charts, images and even converted to print and digital formats without having to reprogram entire applications.


Multichannel Production

GMC Inspire provides unrivalled native multichannel management that produces, optimizes and delivers communications through digital and paper channels. With one single platform, GMC Inspire empowers businesses to implement integrated multichannel campaigns across the enterprise.

Design once, output anywhere

With a platform ready for almost any channel, your business users only have to design communication templates once. GMC Inspire automatically optimizes templates for digital or paper channels including:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Web presence
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
  • SMS
  • Print
  • Fax

High-performance document composition

While your business users define the content, parameters and delivery channels within a template, the high-performance production engine composes any volume of communications automatically for any delivery channel.

Delivery optimization for digital and print

GMC Inspire intelligently collates and delivers communications, according to the client’s preferences and in the most cost-effective way for the enterprise.

Production reporting

GMC Inspire enables businesses to plan production processes for critical communications while GMC’s reporting capabilities track production in real time to capture, rectify and report any errors.


Response management

GMC Inspire intelligently captures, tracks and manages customer responses back into the business environment for greater customer insight, to trigger follow-on actions and generate personalized, relevant communications.

Response management through multiple channels
GMC Inspire enables businesses to measure and evaluate customer responses through SMS, print, e-mail communications and more. Businesses can drill down to granular level data of click-through rates, open rates, visits to personalized URL’s, callbacks and more.

Capture information with dynamic surveys
Create dynamic surveys to gain valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your customer communications and individual customer preferences. With GMC Inspire you can deploy these surveys through any channel to encourage participation.

Enterprise feedback management
Customers interact and respond to your business communications through many channels such as call centers, customer purchases, visiting stores and more. GMC Inspire makes it easy to keep track of this continual incoming data and automatically pushes data back into the appropriate enterprise systems.


Process Management and Automation

At the core of GMC Inspire is a powerful engine, driving and controlling the entire communications process for maximum precision and efficiency. Delivering solid process management and automation capabilities, leading businesses trust GMC Inspire to manage the most critical and complex customer communications.

Business process management
Campaign management
Oversee and track all communication activities from planning, through to deployment, production, delivery and response measurement.

Business process integration
Leverage existing investments through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and connect to your existing services framework to power both batch and on-line applications.

Compliance with SLA
GMC Inspire can be configured to comply with your business rules and guidelines, continuously monitoring key performance indicators in relation to defined service level agreements.

Business process automation
Automated document factory (ADF)
GMC Inspire automation provides integrated «document factory» capabilities for managing and controlling the entire communication process to ensure adherence to quality processes and to rectify defects in real time.

Configure automation for specific business processes
The automation engine can be configured to power any business process to streamline your structured, interactive and on-demand communications.

Enterprise archive and retrieval system
Automatically archive and store communications in the right place without your business users having to give it a single thought. Archives can be retrieved instantly to improve Call Center conversations and support customer service staff.


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