EnvisionTEC North American Headquarters in Dearborn, MI - 3D Printer Manufacturing

EnvisionTEC was founded in 2002 in Marl, Germany. Under the guidance of Mr. Siblani, CEO and Chairman of the Board, EnvisionTEC has become a world leader in 3D printer manufacturing specializing in rapid prototyping and equipment.

  • Corporate Headquarters in Dearborn, MI
  • European Headquarters in Germany
  • Sales, Services and Training Centers in the UK and USA.
  • Manufacturing Facilities in Germany and California

EnvisionTEC’s professional 3D printing solutions delivers exhilarating performance. Unlike traditional manufacturing with hundreds of steps between idea and creation, EnvisionTEC 3D printers have a comprehensive material, printer and software platform. As a result, EnvisionTEC’s prints are precise, fast and smooth. Load your STL file and instantly begin printing without hesitation and experience EnvisionTEC’s progressive 3D platform.

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