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Since its inception in 2006, Amsky has specialized in the sales and service of prepress equipment and prepress materials, and has set foot in the R&D of industrialized print technology and developed laser print head of 32 channels, 48 channels, 64 channels, and 128 channels in the succession. By adopting them on CTP successfully, Amsky launched the first generation of Alpha 900 series and produced them in small-scale.


In 2007, Amsky brought the initial leasing service mode of CTP into Chinese market. Since then, Amsky has become the first to successfully integrate CTP sales with continuous CTP service, which offers customers an applicable CTP sales mode with high-quality equipment, low entry threshold and low cost. By virtue of it, Amsky becomes one of the main promoters in driving China’s CTP technology.


In 2008, with the successful introduction of overseas capital, Amsky put more emphasis on R&D and promoted the rapid upgrade of products. In June, 2010, the company launched Ausetter 800T series and Ausetter 800U series. Compared to the first generation Alpha 900 series, Ausetter 800T series are faster and more precise, and Ausetter 800U series is applicable to traditional PS plate besides CTP plate, which solved the problem of high consumptive material cost of thermal CTP.


In February, 2011, Amsky launched Ausetter 400T and Auseter 400U applicable to quarto plate to meet the demands of small and medium printing companies. In April, the Aurora 800T and Aurora 800U were brought into the market. By combining with the autoloader and processor and achieving the full automation in the process of plate providing, plate making, plate processing and plate stacking, they can reduce the labor cost and efficiency of plate making effectively, ideal for large and medium printing companies with large volume of business.


In August, 2012, Amsky launched Aurora U8128 series. In May, 2013, Amsky launched Aurora T8256 series. Compared with Amsky other CTPs, Aurora U8128 series and T8256 series have faster plate-making speed, which can better meet the growing demand in printing enterprises. In June, 2013, Amsky launched Ausetter V series CTP. They can meet the demand of large breadth with the maximum breadth of 16 up.


In October, 2013, Amsky successfully developed Aura CTP and brought it to the market in December. This makes Amsky to be one of the earliest domestic enterprises introduced flexo CTP to the market. Amsky AURA CTP is mainly used in flexo printing enterprises and flexo plate-making center. It can improve the current traditional plate-making technology in domestic flexo printing enterprise and largely enhance its productivity, thereby contributing to the development of packaging printing, such as paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, etc. and label printing.


With unremitting efforts for years, Amsky has released full series of thermal CTP and UV CTP in succession and received good reputation from customers.



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