Innovative Laser Post-printing Solutions

A SEI Label Master for IPEK Digital

IPEK DMS Printing A.S. is located in Manisa/Turkey since 2007. The company focuses on customer satisfaction. IPEK DMS Printing mainly engaged in industrial applications

in printing areas, self-adhesive plastic and paper labels. The company has been

providing printing solutions with its investments in machinery and has a good infrastructure in digital printing.

IPEK DMS Printing A.S. has production line consisting of digital and conventional printing machines with the latest technology and can offer low cost solutions to its customers and fast delivery times with its production flexibility. The production line includes serigraphy printing,

digital and offset technologies.

In 2017 a cutting need at speed that can keep up with increased printing capabilities naturally has emerged. At this stage project has been initiated under the consultancy of Lino SISTEM A.S. and IPEK DMS Printing A.S. has invested in “SEI Label Master” Laser Cutting System which can easily cut (regardless of quantity and shape of the labels) printed jobs instantly without time consuming dieplate manufacturing.

IPEK DMS Printing A.S. General Manager Cengiz Ergόdengil commented in brief: “In the Label & Packaging sector, the demand for digitally printed products is increasingly trending. In this respect fast production and short delivery times are standard requirements from customers.

We have found that the SEI Labelmaster Laser Cutting system fully responds to our production requirements and we proceeded with investment through Lino SISTEM. Especially the flexibility offered by Labelmaster, the cutting quality, the ability to handle sensitive materials

and the fact that it is a reliable system were significant in our decision. Now, the cost and time consuming to make a die plate ready for every single job have been eliminated. We are able to respond more efficiently and quickly to short and variable volume requirements from our customers”.

Labelmaster is a technologically advanced laser system for converting roll materials in the packaging & labelling industry. It is the best modular solution for digital and traditional finishing. Labelmaster can be configured according to specific needs. The laser technology also offers unique advantages previously impossible to have: today you can make different

finishing processes for different applications thanks to a single system in a single step such as laser cutting, laser die-cutting, mechanical semi-rotary die-cutting, flexography, selective flexography, semi-rotary hot stamping in gold, self-wound lamination, lamination with liner, label shifter, laser cutting, laser marking, laser micro-perforation, cutting of single sheets (sheeting), longitudinal roll cutting (slitting).

The interaction of laser technology with printing creates new opportunities in the labelling market: the innovative combination of the product decoration, identification and counterfeiting ensures the success of the layout.